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Oh I forgot one more..
Bitch 1 was ******* spoiled country-music loving brat that was obsessed with pink. Totally anal about keeping the kitchen clean and having matching everything. Didn't get along with chill girl cause she was a little more indie and not as super-clean as her. I was friends with Bitch1 for a bit, but started to piss me off with her constant back-talking about ppl. Was a control-freak and made fun of her gr.1 Chinese student at the school she would help teach. Became a super bitch once I started dating my boyfriend and wasn't around the 'schedule dinnertime' and watch their weekly Jersey-Shore marathons. Got bad when I told them I wasn't going to live with them in 2nd year because I realized they were just psychotic and they just lost their **** on me. Screaming and yelling about how ****** up my decision is, what an asshole my bf was for making me ditch them (even though he had nothing to do with it), how much I hurt them (blahh). Fat bitch2 storms off saying how hurt she is faking tears while Bitch1 asks if I got '****** so hard it hit something in my head". What a dumb-ass bitch.

anways it's been 3 years and bitch1 is a loner who had all her roommates bail on her for their house in 2nd year and was totally alone. Never see her at parties and ppl only have the worst things to say about her. Bitch2 dropped out, came back later, has no friends, ass-kisses to chill girl.