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My roommates in uni were really terrible. It was a suite style apartment, so there was a full kitchen, small living room, two bathrooms, and four small single-bed rooms. It was me and three other girls living there. It was me, chill girl, bitch1 and bitch2. We all got along for the little bit, but it soon got ridiculous...

Bitch2 was the first to get annoying, she once tried to make chicken strips by putting them in a plastic-handled frying pan and the putting that into a hot oven... Then when I told the neighbours across the hall, I guess she heard cause later at 3am she knocks on my door wanting to talk. I open it and she just walks right in, plops down on my floor and starts to say how mean I was and how hard her life has been (total bs) and continues to cuss me out for it. I start to not care as soon as she opened her mouth, so I just fake sympathy just so I could get back to bed.. She continued to be a total bitch for the rest of the year, thinking she was all tough **** and was totally inspired by jersey shore..