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Late Night Drunk Idiots

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User avatar #1 - nsali (05/15/2013) [+] (4 replies)
past work at a circle c here, 2nd shift, half a block for public housing, crack head with 40lbs on me comes in and tries to rob the joint with a 2x4...A ******* 2X4!!, process to fight with ****** in the store, duck 1st swing, 2nd blocked by arm(weak hit but lucky forearm didnt break anyway...hurt like a pisser), end up being picked up and shoved back against a coke cooler, bust him in the nose and he drops me and the 2x4 and out the door, i drop to my feet and duck to pick up the 2x4 in one movement and out the door right behind him...crack him in the ribs wwhile running right behind him, broke 2x4 and 2 of his ribs. run back inside and call the popos, they show up...take a statement, and come back with a suspect for indentification, its the same crack head, i finish shift and go home, next day at work a tv reporter comes and interviews me about it, got my 15 mins of fame for squat ****
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