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User avatar #87 - evilpotato
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(04/22/2013) [-]
My grandpa of a few greats back had his arm bitten off by a hammarhead shark. From what my grandma told me about him, he had something called phantom arm syndrome or something like that. Essentially, people still have nerves going to where the missing appendage was, and they still think thy can feel it from time to time.
User avatar #105 to #87 - hammarhead
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(04/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #106 to #105 - evilpotato
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(04/24/2013) [-]
Yeah but I saw in the previous comments on the content you never get notifications for your name being mentioned, and wanted to write a comment that would do it in a way that wasn't too obvious.
#107 to #106 - hammarhead
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(04/24/2013) [-]
i love you.