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If anyone is curious about this phenomenon:
Its called Phantom Libms, and has been under research by a world renown neuroscientist named Dr. Ramachandran (check him out.) The short explanation is that basically, in your brain, you have a laid out map of all the sensory nerves in your body. For example, if I touch your lip, a certain part of this map that represents "lip" will be stimulated. So what happens is that when you lose your leg/arm etc, the parts on the "brain map" that are next to the leg/arm, grow into the leg/arm part of the map. For example, on the map, your right cheek will be next to your left arm. So when you lose your left arm, your right cheek will sometimes grow into your left arm on your brain map. Then, If I touch your right cheek, you will "feel" your left arm, even though its not there. Makes sense?