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If you're feeling down...

Tags: hugs | bad day
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Submitted: 04/09/2013
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#2 - sigmatempus (04/09/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I don't trust it.
I don't trust it.
#5 - analrespect (04/09/2013) [+] (1 reply)
i went into that site after being rejected, had been suffering a lot, cried myself to sleep sometimes. that helped me a lot
#1 - debramster (04/09/2013) [-]
Thank you so much!
Thank you so much!
#12 - christhegreat (04/10/2013) [-]
You have no idea how many feels this gives me
#16 - sinery (04/10/2013) [-]
First guy.
His rapist.
#15 - mctoilet **User deleted account** (04/10/2013) [-]
MFW occasionaly boobs got shoven in my face. Thumb for you sir
MFW occasionaly boobs got shoven in my face. Thumb for you sir
#13 - stafeezy (04/10/2013) [-]
oh come here you big feely feel bastard..
#10 - misticalz (04/10/2013) [-]
Boba Fett hugged me.
User avatar #9 - tastycrisps (04/10/2013) [-]
It's their smiles that made me happy.
User avatar #18 - xevilmuffinx (09/29/2013) [-]
This is the first hardcore feels I could've gotten and i'm putting my first comment ever on fj ..I've used fj for 4 years Through my bad days at work, to my fathers passing and now I've lost someone whom I thought was the one ..i can't talk to no one in real life because I believe no one cares and they all will leave one day.. online gaming has taken some of the pain away for years.. can't tell you how much fj had helped put a small smile in my day. thanks fj..
#17 - Lemonlulz (04/10/2013) [-]
MFW Girls boobs in face.
#11 - anonymous (04/10/2013) [-]
I really needed that, thank you. :)
#6 - anonymous (04/09/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Anyone else thinking about how they wuld bone the second person, the girl?
#4 - allytiger (04/09/2013) [-]
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