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Submitted: 04/01/2013
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#3 - profflippystix (04/01/2013) [+] (3 replies)
what i commented on a no post on sundays post.
journal date day 1 after 3/31/13
all thats left is us no post on sunday faggots. everyone that posted good content fled. even op fled after calling us faggots... what a faggot.. what are we going to do??? i try to post good content but it goes nowhere, plus 9gag is out ranking us in funny... we steal there posts now.. dont know how were going to make it.. the funnyjunk ecnomic crash fell harder than my mom on some 13 year olds dick... will write again soon... if i make it...
#1 - thesirofponies (04/01/2013) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #6 - naitsabesh ONLINE (04/01/2013) [-]
Liking this 'cause i thought i was the only one who says " **** me sideways"
User avatar #8 - giggleshit (03/05/2014) [-]
well excuse me
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