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#11 - maxsexington
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(02/23/2013) [-]
>last day of E3
>everybody are asked to exit the building for a Special announcement
>outside as the Sun sets ..a small blot can be seen in the sky
> soon everyone hears the roaring of engines
>as Zeppelins Airlift with Gabe's face ,hovers down
>Crowd is moved to tears, their Fat gaming overlord Must have somthing big and fat to say

> Gabe's walrus like roar from the intercom is barely audible.must full of wild strawberrys and Downing gallons of gravy

> he says" the date for the next half life..u all hold dear..hmmbut i better let him tell you"

>OMG Gabe is amazing i would feed him butter

>portal opens up
> its Gorden freeman the date is "...."
>gabes Poo buckets empty from Zepplins
>the end
#34 to #11 - gorden
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(02/23/2013) [-]
the **** you want ******
the **** you want ******