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#114 - knowstoomuch
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(02/14/2013) [-]
Saying "No" is not the worst thing she can say or do to you. I dated a girl back in December. She apparently had anxiety about commitment and couldn't take the stress. She said I did everything perfect, but she would rather we be friends. She's the first girl I ever loved. The next day, we did everything the same: going places together, hanging out whatever, only we wouldn't hold hands or kiss or smile when we made eye contact. She seemed so happy all the sudden and I had soaked up all her anxiety and sadness. I'm in love with her still, but she promised that we would never go out again, as if that would save some of my sanity. She said I was perfect and that I was different from her other boyfreinds, but I guess I wasn't different enough.

So saying "No" is not the worst thing a girl can do to you. The worst thing she can do to you is give you the best two weeks of your live and then the worst eight (so far). I can't even hang out with our mutual freinds now because she's always there. She doesn't want to see me anymore because I can't get over her. She wants to move on but I don't.

Looking back on it all, I would do it all over again.