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(01/31/2013) [-]
All i got to say is: if they dont want you to know about any sort of weapons or violence or to even talk about any of it then they sure as hell shouldnt let the military have any presence in schools or allow teens to sign up for it, since technically students arent technically educated about any of that stuff they are taking advantage of people who 1. legally technically have literally no idea what they are signing up for or what the military is or what a gun is and 2. if we cant talk about this stuff there is no way you can ever be fully informed of what the military really is until you have graduated from highschool anyway, so it shouldnt even be an option to tell kids to join the army since they can and only will list the perks. its like me convincing a child to kill someone but i forgot to mention that youll go to prison, but hey the person you dont like will be gone forever.