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User avatar #3 - ellucador (01/27/2013) [-]
I've experienced that too, first hand. I call it the Katawa Shoujo Syndrome.
By using no more than basic visuals of the character's emotions, and written text, it leaves your mind to fill in all the details.

You subconsciously connect with the main character, because you have to rely on the way he describes the world around you. Thanks to this connection, the more he begins to develop feelings for one of the girls, the more you will as well.

The game relies heavily on emotions, not rewarding you with the spoils of true love until you have successfully overcome the psychological hurdles that each person endures. You, OP, and most of the people who play it (myself included), are transcending this process of respect and reward into our own minds.

I believe that mankind is fundamentally inclined towards love, this inclination now hidden away under thick layers of society's temptations.
This game somehow manages to break through those layers, and reach out and grab what is subconsciously most precious to us, to create an unbreakable bond with those we've come to love.

#6 to #3 - fumari ONLINE (01/27/2013) [-]
stop saying that...its not true...no...
stop saying that...its not true...no...
User avatar #4 to #3 - orthornicun (01/27/2013) [-]
hmm. thats a very good way of putting it
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