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Faith in Humanity: Restored.

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User avatar #1 - templarofsteel (12/29/2012) [-]
What a super cool story, bro.

Seriously, though, I'm glad you got your phone back :)
#2 - anonymous (12/30/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Friend came back from florida, brought fireworks, which are illegal as **** in NJ. Decide to look for a place to pop them off. But before that go down to gamestop to by steam giftcards, than walmart to by ponies, drinks, and candy. Look for a place to blow up fireworks. Go to local forest, used to be a police shooting range, now abandoned. This time its covered in town workers cause its snowing like crazy. decide to go down to Reservoir which is about a mile away. Reservoir is surrounded by forest. Look for a peninsula to fire off rockets. (It's a manmade peninsula that we like to hang out at) Happens to be flooded. Find another place. Fire off bottlerockets. Decide to go back before dark. When were going back it sunnedly becomes freezing. Freezing as **** . Finally make it back to civilization. Buetiful white snow has become slush. We're wet, freezing, it's almost dark, and are houses are about 2 miles away. Have to think of excuse why we're late home. I get idea. We stop at a pizzeria, bought a huge pie, drunk tons of soda, and warmed up. Call stepdad and ask for a ride, he says he can't because there is black ice all over the road. Decide we have to walk about a mile to houses. Friend goes in to unlock his bike. Turns out lock is frozen solid. Wont budge. Friend has an almost romantic relationship with bike. We decide we have to leave her overnight. (Her name is sasha) He texts mom telling her about bike. She doesn't allow him to abandon sasha and says shes gonna come with hot water, and pliers. Sunnedly temp drops to about 7 degrees. Cold and wet. For some reason it took her and hour to get here. We were numb, and our toes/fingers lacked the ability to move. Dump hot water on it. It does nothing to unfold it. Try pliars, nothing. Some guy comes out of nowhere. Full grown alpha male. Buff as **** . Can barely move lock, but finally unlocks it after 20 minutes. Get a ride to my house. U can tell by tre marks on the snow cars were wiping out. Run inside. Take
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