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#38 - byposted
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What an effeminate society we have become. I'll go ahead and say probably the most politically incorrect thing besides pointing out that Jews are bad news; I was "bullied" when I was young by a mulatto-nig like Obama, but it only made me stronger. I never drank bleach, I didn't shoot up the school, nor did I cry to my parents or teachers.

If you are weak and unable to stand up for yourself, you deserve to be bullied until you acquire these traits. Or else, what kind of a world would said student think he'd be going to? America is not the land of social-kindness or commune; it's the land of rampant individualism and consumerism. Nobody gives a **** about you, or your problems. All they care about is getting the new Iphone or masturbating at their house to tranny-porn.
#40 to #38 - garymuthafuknoak
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(11/10/2012) [-]
I only read the last sentence
#45 to #40 - anon id: 944ddda0
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(11/10/2012) [-]
Arin stop.