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My tard story

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Views: 2594 Submitted: 10/17/2012
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#2 - tripscausedthis
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(10/17/2012) [-]
Ha thats gold. heres mine.

>Be 15.
>be at my Aunt's house
>Aunt cares for disabled people
>start to get hungry so i ask whats for lunch
>biggest downer in the room jumps up and gets in my face all excited
>screaming to me about corn "you can eat the corn' "come eat it haha its for you" "i grew some corn myself"
>I start to freak out
>downer grabs my arm and forcibly drags me outside to show me the corn he grew
>MFW he's referring to the pieces of corn in the **** he took in the back yard.
User avatar #1 - NecroBACON
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(10/17/2012) [-]
What the **** am i reading?