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#7 - remsaman
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(09/11/2012) [-]
People died, regardless of how many people died, people are going to mourn over it.
It wasnt the choice of the citizens to bomb those countries, some were done out of need.
If americans hadnt bombed japan they wouldnt have surrendered and australia would have been taken over.

Six million jews died in the holocaust, are you saying that every single disaster that happened with less casualties doesnt matter? it matters to the people who were impacted by it.

Are you going to call Australians pussies because we still have a remembrance day for those that died at Gallipoli? no.(unless you're an asshole.) because they died during a time of war, so apparently its not that much of an issue.

The point that america has killed more then what died in 9/11 is valid, and i have no argument against that.
but just because that people died in other countries because of the american army, doesn't mean that americans do not have the right to mourn peoples death.
just because it didnt affect you personally doesnt mean its not a bad thing.