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All day prank (Continued)

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Views: 2970 Submitted: 08/05/2012
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User avatar #3 - haaaxderp
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(08/06/2012) [-]
"Hello, this is dominos, how may I help you?"
>Yes, i'd like a large pepperoni pizza
"Take out or delivery?"
>Take out
>I need to know if you have one thing
"No, we don't have any battletoads."
>No, I don't know what a battletoad is, I was wondering if you have any of those red pepper things.
"Crushed red pepper? Yea, we have those."
>Do you know if red pepper goes well with battletoads?
"You're on speaker, everyone here heard you, you're making a fool of yourself."
>You're making a fool of yourselves because you don't have any battletoads.
"You need to stop calling us and asking for battletoads.
>It's not one person, it was posted on the internet. We are legion, we are 9gag, expect our army,

#6 to #3 - anon id: f1ae2925
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(08/06/2012) [-]
haha, way to give 9gag the blame :D
#5 to #3 - xxpinksxx
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(08/06/2012) [-]
#4 - shanty
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Comment deleted by vampyric [-]
User avatar #2 - LaBarata
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(08/05/2012) [-]
Got put on hold
#1 - anon id: 27dc2d55
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(08/05/2012) [-]
A white guy picked up, this is ********
#7 to #1 - ipostfunny
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(08/06/2012) [-]
White guy
Cannot possibly be muslim