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#2037142 - lillpip
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(12/07/2012) [-]

For any of you wondering, which was probably nearly zero, I'm not leaving, just wanted to see if anybody noticed the song. They didn't. :c

Italicized because.
Now, I've been here a while, and you know I'm not one to break promises. But I've felt trapped in the thread in a way, by the people and the lure of the thread. Because of this, I've gotten little things done in my life. I don't want to hurt you but I need to breathe. I will probably come back, and in the end, you're still my best friend. I've been using the thread to get away from problems in my personal life, but there's something inside that I need to release. I've been having lots of shit going on, and I don't know which way is right, or which way is wrong. I don't know how to say that I need to move on. So this is goodbye, you know that we're headed separate ways.
#2037165 to #2037142 - thatkoolbronykid
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(12/07/2012) [-]
i noticed it!!!
#2037156 to #2037142 - lolshadowjewtwo
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Goodbye then
old friend
who am I kidding I never socialized with you.