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#5950199 - mynameisnotmike (08/30/2013) [-]
I have a serious conflict right now.

I'm on college wifi and i don't know what i can look at online. IE porn or 4chun etc
I feel like if i do i'm going to get in trouble or something

Any advice/help?
User avatar #5950230 to #5950199 - sekeido (08/30/2013) [-]
Yeah, you're not supposed to do anything that's not school related.

So porn's cool.
User avatar #5950222 to #5950199 - Bad Man ONLINE (08/30/2013) [-]
I never got in trouble over it, but do so at your own risk.
User avatar #5950249 to #5950222 - mynameisnotmike (08/30/2013) [-]
as i've heard from most
User avatar #5950217 to #5950199 - coloredtext (08/30/2013) [-]
Pretty sure they give you rules about using their wifi

if not, just go everywhere until they give you a warning saying "Yo, stop, the nsa's up our ass"
User avatar #5950244 to #5950217 - mynameisnotmike (08/30/2013) [-]
its a dutch school and i read the rules but they are way too unclear to give a definitive ruling on it
User avatar #5950216 to #5950199 - vincento (08/30/2013) [-]
o, well you can always waste some time on this site You need to login to view this link
User avatar #5950212 to #5950199 - pieandstuff (08/30/2013) [-]
Doesn't that just add to anonymity?
#5950210 to #5950199 - Deavas (08/30/2013) [-]
ive been porning on my college wifi

just dont do ilegal downloads
User avatar #5950206 to #5950199 - hirollin ONLINE (08/30/2013) [-]
youd be lucky if you could stream anything at all.
User avatar #5950214 to #5950206 - mynameisnotmike (08/30/2013) [-]
its very fast internet 30 mpbs or whatever DL speed when i tested it online
User avatar #5950205 to #5950199 - hankpym (08/30/2013) [-]
how can you get in trouble theres no way
User avatar #5950259 to #5950205 - mynameisnotmike (08/30/2013) [-]
well if its not school related idk
#5950204 to #5950199 - sokkabingo **User deleted account** (08/30/2013) [-]
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