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#39239 - kolkipz (06/06/2012) [-]
So.... anybody have this shit for 360?

Pretty fucking fun if you ask me. I've had it since Beta phase, but stopped playing it till recently because of stat resets. But they fixed that shit now and I've been playing a lot.
User avatar #39303 to #39239 - theugandanhero (06/06/2012) [-]
Well, I've personally never played it, but my friend downloaded that and the demo for Minecraft on the 360. And all I've got to say is that it is a G-R-R-R-EAT change of pace from some of the other shooters out there.

P.S. My friend was also a BIG-TIME Minecraft hater until I begged him to try out the demo, and now he loves it with every. single. fiber. of. his. being.
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