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User avatar #595303 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
So, apparently there will be a discount on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for people who own the first Binding of Isaac.
User avatar #595362 to #595303 - ghostninja (07/26/2013) [-]
Hopefully it does get approved for the 360

i rather play it on a console
User avatar #595391 to #595362 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
Why would you rather play it on console? Also, I think it has been approved; I'm not sure, though.
User avatar #595392 to #595391 - ghostninja (07/26/2013) [-]
Twin stick

and I like to talk to my friendos in a xbxo party
User avatar #595394 to #595392 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
You can just plug in a controller into your computer. (If you have a wired one.)
pick one
User avatar #595320 to #595303 - dragx (07/26/2013) [-]
What, the original game excluding wrath of the lamb?
User avatar #595324 to #595320 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
>They will try to do a loyalty pre-order discount to anyone who owns the original game on PC.

I'm assuming that excludes the Wrath of the Lamb, but there's no way of knowing for sure.
User avatar #595351 to #595324 - burningdash (07/26/2013) [-]
might be a little more discount for those who got the dlkc aswell? idk
User avatar #595352 to #595351 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
That would be ideal.
User avatar #595355 to #595352 - burningdash (07/26/2013) [-]
well, just a taught... also thx for wiki link below ;)
User avatar #595326 to #595324 - dragx (07/26/2013) [-]
hm, I havent been keeping up on this, last time I checked "rebirth" was just a rumour
User avatar #595327 to #595326 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
I've been reading this page that seems to have all of the information so far on it if you want to check it out.
User avatar #595329 to #595327 - dragx (07/26/2013) [-]
thanks will do
User avatar #595311 to #595303 - blarghagh (07/26/2013) [-]
fuck yea, thank you fivewordminimum for gifting me the game
User avatar #595316 to #595311 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
>Ed dropped out of community college after some weird guy got the same grade as him in a 3D animation course.
>Edmund admits that he never really had a clear vision of the story (what actually is going on in Isaac) and that it's developed over time.
>Even Edmund does not know how the complete game works anymore, part to forgetting and part to bugs creating effects not intented.

The more I read about this guy the more insane he sounds.
User avatar #595361 to #595316 - ghostninja (07/26/2013) [-]
Watch Indie game the movie

The team meat people made BOI
User avatar #595317 to #595316 - blarghagh (07/26/2013) [-]
Is that from binding of isaac, I haven't played a whole lot of it
User avatar #595321 to #595317 - SirSheepy (07/26/2013) [-]
It's about the guy who made the game.
User avatar #595323 to #595321 - blarghagh (07/26/2013) [-]
oh, interesting
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