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I Do Good Guyz?

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Submitted: 03/16/2012
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#14 - shadowrated (03/16/2012) [+] (23 replies)
This image has expired
Story related
>Be 16, in junior year of high school
>Have female friend that I didn't really have much interest in before
>Suddenly a wild crush appears, start to like female friend
>Buy her tickets to concert she loves, ask her out, dreading the friendzone
>She says yes!
>I'm happy, she's happy, concert kids are roaring but I can't hear
>Start going out, steady relationship for 5 months
>One night she calls me, starts crying, won't tell me what's wrong
>Next day she shows up at my house, I shut door behind me and step onto porch
>She's crying again and says that even though we've been together awhile, it's can't do it anymore
>Says we need to break up, I ask "Why, baby?!"
>She shakes her head and tells me she can't say ( **** women logic)
>She just asks that I accept it, and asks me to please just do her this favor
>I ask "What?" Angry and confused. I know she is asking me not to call her again
>She leans in close and whispers..
>"I need about tree fiddy"
> Well it's about this time I realize my girlfriend is an 8-story tall crustacean from the Paleozic era.
>That goddamn Loch Ness monster had tricked me again

User avatar #46 - brockton (03/17/2012) [+] (4 replies)
>live in cave
>feels lonely
>sees a man
>try to say hi
>he attacks me with a furry animal
>ima zubat
#62 - neonwhitey (03/17/2012) [-]
**neonwhitey rolls 55** dubs or it didn't happen
#31 - xxxsonic fanxxx (03/17/2012) [-]
> Be me
> Chillin in dark cave for a while
> Zubats everywhere
#7 - albinofurrywolf ONLINE (03/16/2012) [+] (1 reply)
First thing i remebered of.
#89 - ffffyou (03/17/2012) [-]
This image has expired
>be me
>I don't give a ****
#8 - mffinmanu (03/16/2012) [-]
What THE HELL are you doing! I've spent my entire life trying to get back into that wretched women and here you are coming OUT?
What THE HELL are you doing! I've spent my entire life trying to get back into that wretched women and here you are coming OUT?
#82 - diamondback (03/17/2012) [-]
>In Dark cave
>See light
>Take step towards
> ******* ZUBATS!
#74 - serker (03/17/2012) [-]
> be in a dark cave
> eat fish and stuff
> have an awesome ring
> suddenly drop my ring
> a short fat guy steals it
> i'm gollum
#19 - acefaceansheet has deleted their comment [+] (3 replies)
#20 to #19 - xxxsonic fanxxx (03/16/2012) [-]
AFTER the ring was destroyed............AFTER................
User avatar #9 - Forfunaccount (03/16/2012) [+] (2 replies)
>You're a scientist.
>You're walking home, at night.
>You trip over something.
>What? It wasn't there a second ago...
>It's some sort of slab or rock.
>You can't make out of what kind of rock, so you take it home to study it.
>You study it for a while, nothing really unusual about it but it's shape.
>It's somehow shaped like a skull.
>You don't really need to do anything with it anymore.
>It would make a nice decoration.
>Weeks pass by.
>Things start to get weird.
>Hearing voices and noises.
>Seeing small ghouls and ghosts.
>You have a feeling the slab has something to do with it.
>You were working in the lab on the slab late one night.
>Then your eyes beheld an eerie sight.
>For a monster from his slab began to rise.
>And suddenly to your surprise.
>He did the mash.
>He did the monster mash.
User avatar #71 - danster (03/17/2012) [-]
>Be chilling on my comfortable bed.
>Somebody pulls me off of it.
>He shows me this dude.
>Dude tries to eat me.
>I'm all screaming "HELP" 'n stuff.
>White fluid shoots out of my head.
>Dude swallows it all.
>I'm a cock being sucked by OP.
User avatar #92 - cadaverbox (03/17/2012) [-]
I immediately thought you were fighting Zubats.
#1 - drcorman (03/16/2012) [+] (3 replies)
seen before mate

User avatar #87 - rjake (03/17/2012) [-]
>Be me
>Chillin in a dark cave
>Getting stronger every day
>Senses getting sharper all the time
>Feel claustrophobic
>Been in here too long
>Gotta find a way out
>See a light
>Crawl towards it
>Exit is too small
>Can't get out
>Realize its hopeless, I'll never get out on my own
>Decide to kill the animals in here
>Makes me even stronger
>Suddenly, a new animal enters
>Summons this orange dragon
>Shat beaten out of me
>He chucks a ball at me, everything goes darker
>Wake up several days later to him calling me "Mewtwo"
#64 - xxxsonic fanxxx (03/17/2012) [-]
>be chillin with some friends
>in a dark room
>pretty crowded in here
>suddenly light
>giant hand picks me up
>belongs to giant
>puts my butt in his mouth
>lights me on fire
>o **** im burning
>try to scream in pain but i can't
>i have no mouth
>im a cigarette
#43 - newmitch (03/17/2012) [+] (5 replies)
Who else thought it was a Mew reference in the beginning????

<-----only pokemon pic i had :p
User avatar #58 - jtan (03/17/2012) [+] (2 replies)
>Be a doctor
>Woman is pregnant
>Pull baby out of vagina
>cut the rope
>Slap his bottom
>Delivered new born
User avatar #37 - haqami (03/17/2012) [-]
>Be me
>Chillin in dark cave
>Random ************ just strutting on through my cave
>I am angry
>My friends are angry as well
>I'm a Zubat
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