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Submitted: 02/29/2012
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#3 - kunolio (03/02/2012) [-]
3 men pay 10 bucks each (3*10=30)
They get 5 bucks refundet (30-5=25)
So now, they only paid 25 bucks.
However, the bellboy steals 2 bucks from them, leaving ((30-(5-2)=27)
Since they have all paid 9 bucks each, the total amount paid would be 27.
So far, there is no problem. The problem comes when the "narrator" wants to add the 2 bucks, that the bellboy took, to this number. This is incorrect math. Since the 2 bucks are part of the 5 bucks refund, the 2 bucks shall be subtracted from, not added to, 27. The "equation" that the narrator proposes, adds upp to 30-(5-2)+2=29, which does not make any sense, in the perspective. To see where the original 30 bucks whent, we see:
Hotel manager = 25 bucks
Bellboy = 2 bucks
Man1=1 buck
Man2=1 buck
Man3=1 buck

no magic, just bad math
#2 - fefe (02/29/2012) [-]
they paid 28 dollars, because the bellboy took 2, so everyone paid $9,333333333333. this sums up to 30 dollars again after you take the bellboy's money back into account.
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