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#6959 - CakemanRPG (01/28/2013) [-]
User avatar #7017 to #6959 - thepheonixking (01/30/2013) [-]
this will probably not suck since i actually like j. j. abrams and i think he's capable of pulling this off. all of his movies are good.
User avatar #6970 to #6959 - SirSheepy (01/28/2013) [-]
this shit better be good
User avatar #6982 to #6970 - mikepro (01/29/2013) [-]
It won't. Writer from Brave and Toy Story 3, I'm not bashing on the movies or the guy, but seriously, what the actual fuck, Disney might as well revive Walt Disney and stuff him in there too. Fucking Disney, there's a reason Tolkien refused to let his movies be made by Disney or be related to the movie in any way. Lucas fucked up badly.
User avatar #7008 to #6982 - eight (01/30/2013) [-]
Lucas hardly fucked up. Why should he make another trio of films after many of his fans turned on him and insulted him. If I was in his spot, I would do the same damn thing, the story he wanted to tell is told, he owes us nothing and we certainly don't deserve anything he gives after the way we treated him.
User avatar #6994 to #6982 - christopherdolan (01/29/2013) [-]
Why, he also wrote the newest mission impossible, and that movie was fucking awesome! Where did you hear that the protaginist was going to be female though?
User avatar #7003 to #6994 - mikepro (01/29/2013) [-]

And no he didn't, he has only written a Little Miss Sunshine and 2 Disney's kid movies. He has written a few more but they're all on production right now. One of them actually looks like a serious movie, the other one is another kid's movie and the other one is the chick flick Hunger Games (Part 2?). Like I said I'm not bashing on the guy's work but I don't think he is the guy for the job.
User avatar #7009 to #7003 - eight (01/30/2013) [-]
When Lucas wrote Star Wars, he had less material under his belt, American Graffiti and look how it turned out. The Disney writer has a few hit movies under his belt, kiddie or not, he clearly wrote them well enough to be enjoyed by many people.
User avatar #7014 to #7009 - mikepro (01/30/2013) [-]
A few hit movies are just 2 Disney movies that would be hits regardless of who wrote them. I take Miss Little Sunshine was good but it is far from what we expect on a Star Wars movie. He is not the man for the job, accept it or not, Disney is shoving him there. And Lucas fucked up by selling the franchise to Disney, the saga is done, Disney is looking for easy money, most people will watch the movie just because "Hey, it's Star Wars and shit., I know and I understand the reasons why he did it. I just don't like Disney stepping outside their usual movies. I don't like them shoving a writer up Lucas' ass and I didn't even like Disney before or never, now I dislike them even more.
User avatar #7021 to #7014 - eight (01/30/2013) [-]
I don't like Disney either, but I know Star Wars is in capable hands. Star Wars was never graphic in content. That is right up Disney's alley. Disney can give us amazing special effects as well as an inspiring story.
He is right for the job as any other writer. He is new, fresh and looking to impress. A project as delicate as Star Wars will not be taken lightly or with ease. This is something they MUST get right or face a career ending flop. That pretty much ensures us that they will do whatever it takes to make it perfect. Every film he wrote has done well and at the moment, he is more capable than Lucas was when he first created Star Wars.

You should really look into The Expectation Effect (google it), you can either choose to be surprised, or you can choose to allow your preconceived, emotionally driven opinions effect your judgement to make certain that you hate the film.
User avatar #7002 to #6994 - mikepro (01/29/2013) [-]
TNT Latin America
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