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#2 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
>an art teacher wasting class time

At least he knows what a waste of time his class is. He knows that art is ******** and only people who wanted an easy A took that stupid useless class. He's smart.
User avatar #6 to #2 - thebrownydestroyer **User deleted account** (01/17/2014) [-]
*shrug* I like a good painting.
#7 to #6 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
Why? It's pointless and a waste of time.
User avatar #9 to #7 - thebrownydestroyer **User deleted account** (01/17/2014) [-]
Nice to look at
User avatar #3 to #2 - ninjamyles **User deleted account** (01/17/2014) [-]
actually it was the last 5 minutes of the day and no one was working anyway. and im taking a game creation b-tech and concept art it very important.
#4 to #3 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
At least you're doing something useful with art, game creation. I'm fine with that kind of stuff. Cartoons, advertisements, video games, and stuff like that are perfectly fine. What is NOT fine is the **** that you hang up on a wall or statues. Those are the useless **** . Museum pieces.
#8 to #5 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
It isn't bait... you need to learn that a comment you don't agree with isn't automatically bait.
User avatar #12 to #8 - accountabilibuddy (01/17/2014) [-]
My bad. I just can't even fathom why anyone would call art useless, so I figured someone was trying to piss people off.
#13 to #12 - anonymous (01/17/2014) [-]
Well because it is useless. The useless art is the stuff that you hang on a wall and **** that goes in museums. The useful art is stuff like video games, advertisements, fashion, and **** like that. Not a painting of a ******* flower.
User avatar #14 to #13 - accountabilibuddy (01/17/2014) [-]
I'm sad that you see it that way. Then again, I've always found historic artwork really interesting. Obviously the art that goes into advertisements and video games and whatnot serves a purpose, but it's not as meaningful. I do agree, though, that a lot of modern art is weird (not useless, though). Once I went to a modern art museum in Pittsburgh and one piece was just a projection of a cube on a bare wall. That was the only thing in that room. I found it ridiculous, but to each his own, I guess. (Btw, I'm not trying to start a fight about this or anything. Just a conversation) :]
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