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User avatar #7581 - philliyoMLB (02/14/2013) [-]
So I'm thinking of having a new eye black style this year for baseball season, anyone got any ideas?
#7586 to #7581 - stizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #7588 to #7586 - philliyoMLB (02/14/2013) [-]
I'm not the type of person who is all crazy about unneeded gear, but that stuff actually does help me really good, not to mention I'm an outfielder so it started becoming a norm for me to put it on.
#7582 to #7581 - thisismyhandle (02/14/2013) [-]
Can you even do this in baseball?
User avatar #7583 to #7582 - philliyoMLB (02/14/2013) [-]
I probably wouldn't do that type, but I've seen it before.
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