something fun about epic lyrics. btw check out it's quite fun quick edit: i got 9/ something fun about epic lyrics btw check out www collegehumor com/article/6898576/quiz-mumford-sons-lyric-or-gandalf-quote it's quite quick edit: i got 9/
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something fun about epic lyrics

QUIZ: Mumford M. Sens Mitt? er Gandalf Quote?
El Sens and pretty much sauna the same- They hath tallĀ»; in series at vague
and metaphors firmly nature. ' and b" ! he the point where yeti can' t really
what they' re swing hut &lla Itcher it' s wise. See n yeti can b" ,
between a El Sens lyric and a quote.
Click on each image to reveal the answer.
You know your lyrics are epic when they' re
mistaken for .
Just wanted to point that out,
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