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User avatar #92961 - ikinkajou
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(09/09/2013) [-]
Hey, FJ, spare a couple seconds to listen to a dude?

So, I liked this girl, yada yada, but turns out, this girl liked me back
We met like last year, around this time, and we've hanging out ever since. She said that she had a crush on me near October, and I liked her during that time too. Now, I was only slightly skeptical that she liked me, 'cause she was Amazing, and being the typical 16 year old, I had fairly low self esteem. Now, we've talking and going on lunch "dates" but I never actually asked her out, or anything of the sort.
Now, after the semester, February, we sort of fell out, after a friend asked me if I liked her, and I said yes, and I thought that this knowledge might have just reached her somehow, and I thought she thought I was a creep, so I thought I'd lay off.

A couple weeks ago, we were just talking, and she tells me I had a crush on you, and it was like, mind-blowing. I was so happy. The next day, I proceeded to ask her out and she sort of declined, I guess. 'Cause, like, we were sort of dating before, like we went to Starbucks together a bunch of times, and we danced together.

Now, I like her, but should I still go for her, or should I just search out a new person?

Thanks, FJ, if you read this
User avatar #92968 to #92961 - saltybanana
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(09/09/2013) [-]
been thru this manytimes when i was in highschool, dude just have her there, dont have her on a pedestal, cause she'll taking advantage on that.
User avatar #92963 to #92961 - thisistheguy
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(09/09/2013) [-]
Yeah go for it unless it gets weird or awkward then just move on I guess. You're better off trying than bitching about being in the friend zone.