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User avatar #45107 - TonHyukOTP (09/24/2012) [-]
Well... this looks like a friendly place...
User avatar #45108 to #45107 - mllerayael (09/24/2012) [-]
yup its rather busy just now, my first time on here today too
User avatar #45110 to #45108 - turtleback (09/24/2012) [-]
Figured I'de check it out too. What the fuck is going on?
User avatar #45112 to #45110 - mllerayael (09/24/2012) [-]
last i heard from some regulars on here was some ppl went and raided the items page then they came here not sure which way round it was first but they are here now
#45113 to #45112 - turtleback (09/24/2012) [-]
>First day
>here to see what goes on in this board
>get dragged into on going flame war
User avatar #45115 to #45113 - mllerayael (09/24/2012) [-]
makes life a little more interesting at 20 past four in the morning i guess lol
#45111 to #45110 - regarlyla (09/24/2012) [-]
You should never have raided Items you fuckers!
User avatar #45114 to #45111 - mllerayael (09/24/2012) [-]
really at what point was i on the items board then? and when have i ever done anything to you dont draw me into your pointless show of aggression
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