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It all comes down to what the menu actually states. If 'extra' anything isn't listed with a price value, nothing extra needs to be given. If you ask for extra and extra is given, be prepared to pay the EXTRA price. A lot of people don't get that.

Where I work, assholes will ask for a regular item (Cheese Burger). Go pay (and pay the $4 for the cheese burger) then come back and say "Oh, add bacon please, and I want fries too, k, thx bye." So instead of paying $8.00 they paid $4.00 and walk away feeling all alpha.

FYI, when your favorite food place goes out of business, sometimes things like not paying the proper amount are the reason why. Food doesn't come from nothing, the restaurant has to pay for it just like you have to pay for it, they just do the hard work in getting it to you.