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Someone was gonna do it. It may as well be me. +822 **mrsnowballs rolls 44** +494
So the moral of the story is only to have rich, white friends,… +458 "Why didn't the boss drop any loot" "OH DEA… +398
It's like watching two enraged caterpillars fighting for alpha… +397 i reject your logic +369
Drugs are bad M'kay +336 Picture +321
THIS IS TRUE THANKS MY ARYAN FRIEND HEIL HITLER +290 when I wanted to learn Japanese so I didn't have to watch epis… +281
Breaking News, just in: A corporate tycoon recently c… +275 It's okay, as long as they say 'no pedo' +247
Picture +242 This guy walks up to you in a club and slaps your GF's ass. Wh… +241
...Pretty sure I'd choose 100 pennies. +241 Brilliant OC, itsthetie, again +232
It's not a matter of education. Kids really are just stupid. … +218 **mrsnowballs rolls 00** +215
"Why did the tutorial just give me a tip on how to run?" +212 Deleted from the internet +203
I never really felt like a loser. I watch anime, mlp, and … +201 This time it was toast, this time... +190
What if I told you that anyone can reject anyone else for any … +184 Picture +177
"His penis literally inside my ****** "… +174 You mean this piece of **** ? +172
Don't know when, why or how this will ever be relevant...but o… +169 Nonono Hot guy turns down fat girl - feminists lose t… +165
I saw a few jobs for ENTRY level Office Assistants and they wa… +163 Red Orchestra 2 is free on steam for 24 hours spread the word. +160
MOTHA ****** ATLANTIS THE LOST EMPIRE … +159 Picture +159
I can give you 3 fps +157 Is the dad a cop? +153
************ let other users get top comment this… +152 **youborn rolled image ** all of the homo +149
People, it's psychology 101. Children ages 3-7 are no… +149 Alrighty, some may not believe me on this but I'll say it anyw… +149
When not even McDonald's would hire me. +148 Then you fart in the car and you blame it on him. +146
>she left me recently. I went from a smile to a fr… +146 >Tumblr >A penis inside a ****** &g… +145
You were adopted +144 thx thx thx dude a gif for you +144
Just waiting for the ending of the .gif +144 I literally just reached Gwynevere a few hours ago. After the … +142
i just can't fight it anymore +142 The girl watched the car and the dad come at her from the top … +141
Grand Theft Auto Great Britain +138 don't ban me for showing a giant ***** +137
SCRAMBLE DA FAIRIES!!!! +136 MFW i've been playing for a long time and all these new people… +136
> Comrade calls me on phone > "Pepsi is kill&qu… +136 This will come in useful... +135
**indulge rolls 9,065** Is pretty close to 9000. +133 Picture +131
**mewcubed rolled image ** My spirit animal +130 that took a long ****** time to make for a black … +130
A woman. +129 MFW 'I spell "Devastating Pile Driver" with a silent… +128
**twelvea rolled user gayboard ** WANNA DO SOME KISSIN… +125 Picture +125
"Haaving three older sisters... They look ******* … +125 Bear's on the other side... +123
i want to see Terry Crews advertise it +121 I'd settle for just one Penny +120
Jesus lifted for our sins +119 >grammatically correct 1) 'Imagine Dragons' is the… +118
Picture +118 I prefer this version +117
People that think they have authority on the interwebs +117 gave it a try +117
There has not been a single time a women didn't yell at me for… +116 Because much like your sense of reality it's fictitious. +114
Lets not. +112 Sad how you have to sacrifice your close friends to preserve y… +112
I have dreams where I get in a fight and I can't punch hard. … +109 Nope its fine, had its force field up. +109
Picture +108 spent way too much time on this +108

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