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Picture +914 *White men. +583
Picture +559 god, i thought she was dead first +526
He is like "What's the catch? There must be one." +462 On the bright side, as a psych major now it won't just be your… +456
I'm honestly not convinced I think everyone on tumblr and all … +441 Done +428
You've had me at "air for you" +426 Picture +424
here you go buddy +423 And of course nobody will give a **** or riot cause he'… +421
You fool! You let Satan out! +367 I see Old Spice is filming their next commercial... +333
Killing hipsters. 10/10 would read again. +330 Picture +324
Picture +320 The only constant in all of his relationships was him. +314
You joke but I wouldn't be surprised if some **** like … +308 so if its a webm, it gets 10 times the thumbs up than if it we… +299
Shrek is love. Shrek is life. +298 Picture +291
ur mum is ****** +266 Guys, I don't think black tweets are bad in any way. In fact, … +266
The one who never tunes is probably a bassist. +263 I can draw better than that. +253
As a British person I can say that 10-11 years is pretty fast.… +252 2/10 no satan +250
Don't worry, hinges grow back +243 He got nothing on my man Paul +242
Yeah, well, UR GAY LOL +235 One of the many reasons you kill the animal before you try to … +235
lol those idiots talking about slavery as if it was a "wh… +231 If a woman approaches you for sex there's always a 99% chance … +227
Picture +227 I think he's pretty smooth. +215
Mace Dindu +214 >implying Putin cares about what the media says about him … +213
Picture +211 Cats are indeed, a liquid. +209
Video of the duel +208 **anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled ima… +208
Dallas has the same rules. +207 Picture +207
Anyone watching the new Daredevil? ****** so cash … +207 Pretty interesting. +203
Picture +201 "Idiot found dead with two gunshot wounds. Witnesses repo… +199
And then they pull out the receipt. +198 mfw the graduation party. +194
Picture +184 Picture +184
what is the argument here. i dont quite follow. +183 Picture +178
Thats a slow cooker pot, hours of work gone. +173 Lithium doesn't really like oxygen. +173
second one +170 The dishwasher looks like it's whispering to the washing machi… +169
Picture +169 thats no money tree! +166
I like when they shop the original picture to match the art +164 Picture +161
Just look at the expression on this face. That vacant gaze. Th… +159 Picture +158
she put it on. hahahaha whats an absolute madwoman +157 Your brother sounds pretty gay. +157
When you Dindu Nuffin but you get six warning shots in your back +157 Picture +156
Grey died of back injuries, you ******* moron. … +155 look on the bright side, you wont have to worry about financin… +153
non smokers dont understand smoking let me clear the air f… +150 this just in: tumblr uses words that they pretend to use on a … +150
Actually I think this was in reference to "on-disk" DLC. +149 That's great I hope your ass will recover eventually. +149
Picture +148 How many Mexicans does it take to change a lightbulb? … +146
bow and arrow: > silent > doesn't jam > a… +145 When I see that someone asked the question like 7 years ago, a… +145
>Acer c720 And nothing of value was lost. +143 Greatest scene in tv history +143

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