r/civ on the AIs personalities. . Traditional Libertine points 23 hours ago Damn, Theodora is hot, although Isabela has that “Uh my, what is that thing? Can I t

r/civ on the AIs personalities

Traditional Libertine points 23 hours ago
Damn, Theodora is ******* hot, although Isabela has that “Uh my, what is that thing? Can I touch it?" kind of vibe
going on for her. Dido seems like that kind of chick you just totally chill with, you know smoke a blunt, watch some
Adventure Time, until she starts blowing you out of nowhere. And I can imagine Kamehameha being all "Bro, you
don' t need your swimming trunks in the hot tub, bro. It' s just the two of us, bro. It' s not gay to give your bro a bro-
uh [-] 'I' Gewdnight 94 points 23 hours ago
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T [-] “Traditional Libertine 93 points 23 hours ago
Be grateful I didn' t share my suspicions on sexual personalities of Maria Theresa and Montezuma.
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T [-] wot Wood? 34 points 23 hours ago
I' m not interested. ..okay tell
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T [-] “Traditional Libertine LC)? points 23 hours ago
Montezuma just wants to be loved. He likes to talk about feelings until dawn and cuddling as the little spoon, but
that doesn' t match his persona of a fearsome warrior and tyrant and he has serious trust issues, so he takes out his
frustration on the sacrificial captives.
Maria Theresa is just a kinky bitch. The exact nature of her deviations is unknown, because none of the fine young
gentlemen who were coerced into entering her bedchamber want to talk about it, but they all started to drink much
more heavily afterwards.
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T [-] " (, Chief Donatello! 34 points 23 hours ago
What the actual **** , bro.
What about Washington?
perm a Iin k pa rent
T [-] “Traditional Libertine 113 points 22 hours ago‘:
Washington acts like he' s hot **** , but he ***** in missionary for 3 minutes, rolls over and falls asleep and that' s if
he can get it up.
Elizabeth is frigid as hell, but everyone knows that.
Casimir, being a true Pole, always ***** with his socks on.
edit: **** it, I' m procrastinating so hard right now, I might as well keep going:
Maria I has a severe ugly rich girl syndrome where she' s being a bitch to everyone because she knows that all the
money and power in the world can' t buy her a guy that will both make her friends jealous and be totally into her.
Ashurbanipal is a sexual god, if he didn' t have an empire to run, he' d make it big in porn.
Haile Selassie, despite his mild demeanor and nerdy appearance is a certified pimp.
Wu Eeting is a massive cocktease, you never know if she finally broke up with her asshole and really wants
your dick or she just needs you to move her **** again.
William the Grange is fruity and proud.
Alex is into older women due to crippling mommy issues.
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T [-] ARE BEST TURK BE) points 20 hours ago
Holy **** that part about Alex
11/ 10
permalink parent
T [-] sharker: t “Poland CAN! L? points 20 hours ago
more pls
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T [-] “Traditional Libertine points 1. 3 hours ago
Caesar is the guy with a very hot, but very stupid girlfriend and suffering the full mental anguish which comes with
that dilemma. When you kill his spy and he pops up to apologize you can almost hear him saying “I know, I know...
that booty soor fine tha".
Shaka will show you the local nightlife like no one did before, but you should know that he' s not used to hearing
is so ******* perfect it hurts, being ultra hot is not enough for her, she has to sport this magnetic fierce
hippie persona that makes you crush super hard on her, despite being aware that you probably project every
desirable feature you can think of onto her, where in reality she might be so busy showing everyone how awesome
she is that she neglects all the things that actually make a person interesting. Also, since she has a penchant for
the “artistic guys with comped personalites“ (bums), you can always tell yourself that it' s bk she doesn' t like you as
much as you want her to, because she' ll end up as a junkie anyway.
perm a Iin k pa rent
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