potty police. found online, not mine but thought it was funny. When I was little, symbol on the restrooms was a picture of someone using the toilet, and it was
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potty police

found online, not mine but thought it was funny

When I was little,
symbol on the
restrooms was a picture of someone using
the toilet, and it was the "Potty" symbol.
always represented the bathroom.
or course when I saw the same symbol in the closest parking
spots to the store- I figured that if people had emergency
potty moments- they had close parking spots to get in fast.
reeling tne- this was a very logical assumption considering I
only saw the symbols on bathrooms and right out frontal
the starers
And so I keet my eye out....
And to my displeased-
abusing the
u arching towards us
I watched and waited within the store to
see if she would indeed use the potty.
So I decided to confront her ...
I told her she was being bad and "amoosing" that
spot and should be ashamed of herself. She had no
right to park there when it was meant for people who
t' Raised''( it! (literally reciting my mum).
She proceeded to yell at me and tell me
she had a "disease" and that I was a "little **** ".
She kept screaming that I should be slapped
for being rude to an adult!
But the people around me stuck up far me and told
her that her "disease" was curable by WALKING
for change. And that instead of stuffing her face
every waking moment, she should use any chance
She ended up getting into a huge Fight with some of
the customers, and my mother randomly came around
the corner and told me it was time to check out (she
had no idea I was involved in the rampage.)
I walked away thinking I was the "potty Savoir" and
I made myself a Potty Symbol badge when I got
home in hopes of being the new enforcer of potty.
When I was 18, my mom gave me an old box of crafts I
had made when I was little.
I saw the familar blue of the edge of my potty
I was " ex ited! had forgotten all about the
potty badge!
Clearly not the Potty
I' m still coping with what I have done...
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Submitted: 11/04/2013
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source is Ristay
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