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#9171 - Scorpionjak (09/21/2012) [-]
Despite being Canadian I have no fucking clue what our political status is.
I know there's the "Harper's bad" & "Harper's good", but from what I've seen the country is in a pretty damn good state overall. Maybe I need to watch the news more, so I might. Enough tangents
How is Canadian politics & such doing, currently?
What do you guys think will happen in the near future?
#9173 to #9171 - feelythefeel (09/21/2012) [-]
One of the more troubling things going on lately is the shit with the RCMP. Police brutality, sexual harassment, you name it. If you want to learn more about it, I trust you know how to use Google.
User avatar #9175 to #9173 - Scorpionjak (09/21/2012) [-]
Ah, I see. Haven't heard much about that.
User avatar #9221 to #9175 - arisaka (09/22/2012) [-]
The RCMP condones information that was produced through torture. The government allows them to do this. I read this in a Montreal Gazzette newspaper.

That shit is messed way the fuck up.
User avatar #9222 to #9221 - Scorpionjak (09/22/2012) [-]
What the fuck, guys.
Seriously? For the guys portrayed as stupidly nice cops, they're pretty brutal.
User avatar #9223 to #9222 - arisaka (09/22/2012) [-]
Yup. I was astounded. I mean, I don't hold police in the highest regard (I mean just the uniform, I'm sure that the people under them aren't the same way without the uniform etc) but I didn't think it was like that at ALL. I read more into it and I was continuously appalled.
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