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#10381 - xakter
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(10/11/2012) [-]
ITT: The Greece debt crisis
Specifically: 1. Should Greece leave the Eurozone completely and go back to the drachma?
2. If Germany stops giving Greece money will the country fall apart or go to a military junta again?
3. Is the Eurozone as a whole destroyed and will it bring the EU with it?

just need your guys' opinion on these I'm doing a survey for a project in economics.
User avatar #10382 to #10381 - ishalltroll
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(10/11/2012) [-]
I'm german and I openly say: Greece should fuck right off, they can all starve in their own debt for all I care.
The german population worked for the money we gave them, it's our taxmoney. And how do they repay us for trying to save them? They ridicule us and call us nazis.
Fuck them, let that shithole of a country destroy itself. So,..
1. Yes they should leave the eurozone and save us the trouble.
2. They will anyways seeing as the population isn't ready to take the consequences of their ridiculous lifestyle.
3. Not sure about that one yet.