/pol/ vs JIDF. . I Daily Rememberd Sage, Report l Hide ALL Anonymous new ) 13 44 No Rama: _ mma_ _ _ 51 HIDE STORMING THREADS OK many of we hare new the evedenc pol JIDF
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/pol/ vs JIDF

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I Daily Rememberd Sage, Report l Hide ALL Anonymous new ) 13 44 No Rama: _ mma_ _ _ 51
THREADS OK many of we hare new the evedence and many hare new rebuttal: But the we em stand stormfront has a web propaganda team stormfront has and currently we em spamminwe nu mum
IGNORE ' A supporting the Folloing
no NOT REPLY E - we connexions seem them we could take
ppost% 53315
Thistle purpose we to disseminate " pro 7 . - ewe was and call wen tame points Mantras
They pound the sht out boards everywhere
They em use helper We was Buddy we e l mp wwoww stormfront 2 mp wwoww stormfront , 3 mp mm w ', . -skarrer) to make shaung wen retardados wwtd others that
much easley
D Anonymous JON ) 15 27 Nty_ Remus
We 1360528022536 was we 215x215, Strident my
I. we Fleur one
Slowly, samon huddles to ms computer, ms extreme weght makes l hardesty newgate amass the wwtd empty Dew cans and dragon d/ dos He ms down on ms greasy moans: at the shock owe
begone beinng down on I, and messes the start button on ms old and crusty Dell As ms computer awakes wwtd a bumming sound we brushes the [ crumbs owe m ms lap and wanes l
we elbow acidentally down an empty tube and exposes an old puma Much we had been long forgotten samon was surpised to see l was st/ l there "ow Amanda, why wouldnt you love me?' samon
under ms breath memories mm mew school Washes by, hang rejected by ms love, heathen's wagging at mm, we starts to my and runs ow Toms day we we awn 'l em need her, ow any Mute woman wow that matted'
samon butterly mutters and throws the puma m the trash, Much we already full wwtd
Quckly logging We ms computer samon we greeted by ms screensaver a huge black cock Internet we soon found an ms sexually to cuckold pom He wanted to approach Tyrone
about ms , just some! we could lose ms heme we turned 25 SUN, samon had not found the comma to talkto Tyrone, ow anyone except ms mother alter mew school wow that matter ' to suck yourdick Tyrone (F He sawed
samon opens up Internet explorer and searches on mug tbr/ pol/ Suddenly we remembers ms mother, she always told me to get ajob m real estate, ow become a lawyer "Get a reallol simona Weasel" She would say, but she doesnt understand? She
doesnt understand wow important l we to protect meal scumbags and / , He starts typing "ow , many one have seen the entente and many (F
D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 39 No
C] Anonymous W ( Sunlit no No 10096205 D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 43 No 10096257 D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 54 No 10096556
We 1360528924031 my we 340x314, ,35, , We 1360529034134 -( , 622x562, , We /, 413x395, _ )
95708 _ 95708
D Anonymous new ( Sunlit as No 10096124 w amt w laughed at that
We n /34 KB, 200x200, pm
D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 48 No 10096375 Rama:
We 1360529292163 geog/ 92 KB. 1500x1125. Lot mew
D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 32 No 10095884 Realms » Mummies
google "/ " or "" ths we a phrase that stormwind mods and encourage people to repeat endlessly N' s stream out ewe swarmlord
D Anonymous JON ) 15 An Rem: »
We gym} KB, 425x448, )
F we a phrase that stormfront mods and encourage people (F samon we fustrated and we sweating excessivly now, ms temper " aryan scum" He bellows at ms screen 'l wwtd you all go extincts, wanking youwe
better because ofyou physco and Maude all those slutty we that neverwinter me" we anger we Ms ms owe table Suddenly we feels genlty, ' sow ' to calm we
woke at and salutes ms wall Much we was covered m mm, mm and cuckold posters the hwehwe Mme unholy mess we framed puma condoling onlyone words 'Rembering ass
we ems we we turns hackle we dell and wwtd new passwor wow Israel, nathon, buring m we with boy wean we continues, (F to repeat endlessly we straght out Mme
D Anonymous new ( Sunlit as No 10096325 D Anonymous new ( Sunlit 53 No 10096508
We 136052_ -1177 KB. “. We / 247 KB. amass. u butthurt Mpg)
The amount of butthurt
V d V T faggots m we too
I we we perhaps same ewe sht Ne seen
on tbolt m a long (We em,
A place to come and laugh at despera
JIDF agents getting trolled
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