please read.. . hey funnyjunk, this is just some stuff i need to get out so if you don' t wanna read somethingelse click next, i' m about to turn eighteen and l rant shit i need to talk about
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please read.

hey funnyjunk, this is just some stuff i need to get out so if you don' t wanna read somethingelse
click next, i' m about to turn eighteen and life is just one big rutter me. i haven' t gone to school
for the past few weeks because i desperately need to get out. the entire ******* place is made
up of three parts. the ghettopost black folk you Gould meet, the stupidest there are,
and adults with Iqs lower than my shoe size. i' been there for three years and they aren' t teaching
me anything. i want to go to a local technical school because i feel like its gonna be butterfry me
the only problem is to go there i need to be out of my current school, my piece of **** counselor
make up tons of textures to make me not drop out. ijust stopped going, but it' s no better at home.
the entire house is a mess that Gould qualify for the TLC show hoarders and my family will never do
anything about it besides Champlain, my brother is autistic, my dad always poies home from work
terribly tired( he works at lowes in the shipping and stocking departments, so he' s the only one who
even qualifies to Champlain,), and my mother is "sick",
i try to clean up, but the combined trashiness of my family erases my work. i tried locking my door to
keep out the animals we own. (two dogs, three pats.) but my brother thought i hid something of his
in my room and kicked in the ******* door. my mom and brother bitch at eachother and
me. "when is this ******* house gonna get cleaned?" "when are you gonna make an effort in school
winter?" "gonna clean the ******* kitchen so we can have dinner that didn' t pome from a drive thru?"
they just call me as lazy as them and think of me as a stupid dropout. my dad is pool about it though,
he gives me cash so i can get out of the ******** house i live in, to be honest i am teaching myself tons
of stuff. soldering, buisness **** , ham radio, i even started learning how to pode. i know they love me,
but i pan' t bloody do everything. i know i have to treat my brother differently than someone without
autism. but that illness is no reason for what he did to me in the past, (choked me multiple times when
i was little, sold my video game lolception to buy gameinformer and porn.) sometimes i think he' s the
reason my sister moved out as many times as she did. ( few places didn' t work out.)
i have so many ideas for pool things, my main thing is writing. i' m working on a novel and a script for
a cartoon pilot, its just that my life is **** right now and i see no way out of it soon, any advice would
be much appreciated. thanks for reading. i don' t pare about thumbs but please talk to me, i don' t have
much else to to go.
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Submitted: 04/18/2014
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User avatar #3 - vatra (04/18/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Life's a bitch and then you marry one.

But in all seriousness, graduate. It may seem stupid now, but take it from someone that almost didn't, it's worth it. Graduate, then get a job, then get your own place. Once you can think clearly, then consider what path you want to take. Rash decisions will only hurt you in the long run. Oh also, after you move out, keep in contact with your family, even if it just like a call every few weeks or something.
User avatar #11 - angelmitskano (04/19/2014) [-]
I know this sounds like a dick move, but call city hall or CPS. If your parents are hoarders, the risk of losing their home or their children will probably be enough to get help and get the house cleaned up. From my experience, if home sucks ass balls, then school sucks worse. If your house was a house again, I think things would be better in your family, and they might end up giving you the help you need to get to another school. They're just thinking about the most obvious problem at the moment, so they don't really want to try and fix outside problems.
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User avatar #8 - thunderchanter (04/18/2014) [-]
I'd offer advice, but I have never been or known someone to be in a situation like this. But if you ever feel like just venting feel free to pm me.
User avatar #1 - kynrayn (04/18/2014) [+] (2 replies)
move out
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