plagarism is not ok. got me seein e t. Clumsy Seller co player wanted ma a co hold at least so Cds Must be m good cont: atron Hello ram selling my Technics co c dont fucking fuc
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plagarism is not ok

plagarism is not ok. got me seein e t. Clumsy Seller co player wanted ma a co hold at least so Cds Must be m good cont: atron Hello ram selling my Technics co c

got me seein e *********** t

Clumsy Seller
co player wanted
ma a co hold at least so Cds Must be m good cont: atron
ram selling my Technics co changer The mug rs m excellent
common and works great r nave Included a picture or rt rm asking tor rt
Please let me know tyou are Interested
From Steve to Me:
we the co player ranks good Does rt nave a remote? Itso, r can Luck rt up
tomorrow Where go you We’?
From Me to Steve M“:
rt goes have a remote Tomorrow works tor me Work m Manatank marine
and can prang the co prayer's work mm me We can meet anywhere
around there m the afternoon
Just one though, and r truly am sorry . out r acidentally
trapper overton co player m the dark earner and chaped the sum Mme mama
cover There screen there and rt goes not performance
whatsoever, out r lust thought r should let you know / a picture More
smarr mp
From Steve to Me:
No worms Theirs we Whats your phone lumpen Mme rs 215-'" -""
Steve, rm really sorry, out r accedentally damaged rt a we more r really should
have moved rt out More mrhare More hallway, because l] unstopped over rt agaen
Unfortunately r was wearing boots ant: cracked the mama cover
around the screen Atew More buttons got mashed m as well You can SIM! play
songs L 2, A. 5 7, and 9, though onus! use the remote rt st/ l plays Cosine, ant:
a picture or rt powered on so you can see that rt st/ l works
once agaen. r am Emory sorry ram goong to knock we on Mine was
tor your inconvenience
From Steve - to Me:
Could you months pure gown to ? That ranks pretty pat:
Sure rt rs my tam tor trapping over rt anyway
Hey, " me agaen was loading the co player mm my trunked prang to work
tomorrow out then my mend called me and r got abstracter Long story snort. r
forgotten an prayerful pening my car and r acidentally backed over rt a we Mt
when r went to gain Wawa Thackeray r mime brakes Ettore r crushed anythng
important put the backtrace rs a we pent
r assure you manna co player SIM! works on the parent Ede. the car must have
popped that chaped mama cover on Mine wont so now you can clearly see the
rear screen rt mks better Justyou? From the tram staring at rt head on
you cant even tell mantra pack rs bashed m We that seem as r Improved the
ranks trom the wont ram goong to pumping was pack upto we
ram goong to try my best to bend the metal trams backto the way rt was once
agaen ram very sorry
From Steve -. to Me:
Are you crot: rng me? rs Must: What a trekking trutsyou any How ‘ I
you ream rt was pening yodacan
From stew -. to Me:
on and you have the nerve to charge me MORE money tor rt worse?
From Me to stew wss:
Dontworry, r can mt rt rm working on mung rt rignt now
From Me to stew -"m:
okay We got good news and pat: news The good news ' the co player SIM!
works The pat: news rs that r was smoking a r was tryong to repare rt and
rt accedentally set part Mine co player on we
As you can see trom the picture some More co player has melted Thanks to my
2 months expeirence as a , my restricts racked m and r was aim
to the names win my cause Ettore too much More co player melted rt
M can hold apout was Cds, and all that melted on the rignt sum wasnt
important anyway
Unfortunately r expensive cones and rt was when r had to use rt to
put out the we Therefore ram aloong another to the was More co prayer's
prang the grand Iota! to
once agaen. the co player st/ l works rt sounds even Betterthan Ettore rt rs
now w my trunk and ready to be sold to you tomorrow /ll gave you a call when r
nave my lunch break so we can meet sale
From stew - to Me:
You must be supra tyou /ll pay tonne charred remains ofyour co
player r cant berieve now Dairy you managed to fucktwat (mug up How are you
M arived How have you managed to make rt the tar m we when CLEARLY you are
too town to keep even a co berm Cumed to a casp? r really want to
know Please we. tell me
rm sorry rm upset you by pumping the we upto Lets lust call rt we Deal?
From stew - to Me:
now are you the dumb’)
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That was glorious.