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User avatar #41390 - danrmanalt ONLINE (12/03/2012) [-]
So, I got Beck's entire discography.
So far, I haven't really listened to anything but the Loser EP and Odelay.
This may be a some-what stupid question, but is his other stuff good?

User avatar #41510 to #41390 - nopresident (12/04/2012) [-]
In my opinion The Information is his best album. Such great diversity. Such great electronica. I could listen to it every day for the rest of my life.
User avatar #41446 to #41390 - pensketch (12/04/2012) [-]
Guero is my favorite
User avatar #41397 to #41390 - odelay (12/03/2012) [-]
You rang?

Modern Guilt and Sea Change are perfect yo!
User avatar #41398 to #41397 - danrmanalt ONLINE (12/03/2012) [-]
Okay, thanks.
I think I'll just listen to everything in chronological order.
User avatar #41392 to #41390 - corneth (12/03/2012) [-]
Sea Change
Modern Guilt

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