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Dice 101 Shorts

Tags: Dice | Crazy | Cars
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Submitted: 06/03/2007
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#23 - anonymous (05/04/2009) [-]
PLEASE DON'T READ THIS you will die in seven days if you don't post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life
#22 - anonymous (03/22/2008) [-]
that sucked so bad. that was the studidest video i have ever seen. they need to get a life and stop acting like ****** idiots.
#20 - anonymous (07/23/2007) [-]
to daneil and the other dude thats effin racist u guys are mean chinese people are cool and mexicans only jumped that fence for a better life duma$$ lol and u guys remind me of jackass lmao nice vid
#19 - anonymous (07/11/2007) [-]
omg that was really funny.
#18 - anonymous (06/15/2007) [-]
the movie was good exept the last part that was realy realy gay yuoll be lucky if you dont get the lawsuit from my optomotrist
#17 - anonymous (06/11/2007) [-]
#16 - anonymous (06/08/2007) [-]
That is a wast of my time! You SUCK!!GET A LIFE!!
#15 - anonymous (06/04/2007) [-]
I didn't know asin people had wee wees and even if they did i didn't know they were big enogh to feel someone hitting them so please help me out im puzzled >.<
#14 - anonymous (06/04/2007) [-]
this was f-ing hillarious mann....it reminds me of some craze **** me and my friends have done...manyy laughs.lmfao. thanx for tha laugh. love ya -amanda.
#13 - anonymous (06/04/2007) [-]
#12 - anonymous (06/04/2007) [-]
well mr. _|_O.o o.O_|_, i am glad to see we have determined who is prejudice. Oh. PS the vid sucked.
#11 - anonymous (06/04/2007) [-]
thats 3 and a half minutes i wasted damn asians
#10 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
Hey Daniel go **** urself and ur mexican fencehoppin family cuz we AzNz PwN ur ass, u can just suck our ****** dicks, u ****** gay ass prejudice little dick redneck bastard, u can suck my dick and my uncle tommy's balls, so **** ya
#9 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
haha crazy chinks and their tiny little penises
#8 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
That was soo funny, keep it up guys.
#7 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
well that was a waste of my f***ing life!
#5 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
o wow thats funny especially the end hahahha
#3 - anonymous (06/03/2007) [-]
well thats 3 and a half minutes im not getting bac-- thanks for wasting it
#2 - anonymous (06/02/2007) [-]
Pft, you asians, you make me giggle.
#1 - anonymous (06/02/2007) [-]
I gave it a ten because I hate the first place video!
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