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Identify tread wear early to prevent tyr

Do you know the three most important tips when it comes to caring for your tyres? Learning and implementing general tyre maintenance will help extend the life of tyres. Driving style is a key component. A conservative driving style will ensure even tread wear and prolong tyre life. Tread wear is an issue that not all drivers are aware of. Follow these simple tips so you can check the tread wear on your tyres and replace them before they become dangerous to drive on. Once a tyre has less than 1.6 mm of tread wear it is no longer roadworthy and must be replaced. This video shows you how to measure tread wear and what signs to look out for. Parking is also a key element of tyre care. High impact contact with kerbs and other barriers or structures may damage your tyres. If in doubt about any aspects of tyre care, tread wear or when to replace tyres, contact your nearest Tyrepower store for expert and friendly advice

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Submitted: 09/27/2012
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