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Olympics 2012 Fail Compilation

I upload this compilation here, because YouTube is controlled by the IOC. Here are the best Fails of London Olympics 2012, hope u enjoy
HD Version and more here: goo.gl/0cQA9

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Submitted: 08/13/2012
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User avatar #1 - squirrelsrwe (08/14/2012) [-]
How dare they drop the American flag! That is the largest sign of disrespect, especially to the champions of the London Olympics. We need to take action!
User avatar #3 to #1 - Scorchtwentyfour (08/24/2012) [-]
It was an accident. Venus Williams who had won that event took it better than the entire british audience. She said that things happen and it was a little disappointing but she still won the gold. No need to go to war. Sincerely, Person who actually watched the Olympics
#2 - bailblogdotnet (08/17/2012) [-]
This was an heavy wind blow. They are just to dump to make an functional holding system
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