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That's life

Watch all of it, it's worth it.

Written and Directed by ... Martin Wichmann Andersen
Cinematography by ... Mattias Troelstrup

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Submitted: 07/15/2012
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User avatar #7 - toethumb (07/20/2012) [-]
Diarrhea of the Mouth much
User avatar #6 - Weaza (07/19/2012) [-]
My normal friday night lmao
User avatar #5 - juciefruit ONLINE (07/17/2012) [-]
The sad thing is, I know people who would inspire to be like that dude in the video cuz they would think he's cool and funny.

Funny video though.
#4 - kidwreckless ONLINE (07/17/2012) [-]
What the throwing up part reminded me of:
#3 - rockskull (07/15/2012) [-]
tooo much emphasis on the penis really you couldn't tilt the camera a little more up this is public if you want to do something like that put it on **** content
#2 - arnas (07/15/2012) [-]
Cool. Thanks for sharing.
#1 - rummler (07/15/2012) [-]
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