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#1 - wildra (03/02/2012) [+] (3 replies)
this angers me..... Ron Paul would win if government wasn't full of ***** who gave into under the counter payments from corporation and **** like that. why are will still in the middle east.... OIL.... why is Mitt Romney in 1st place... MONEY... which he gets from corporation to fund his **** and the corporations get their money from OIL. **** oil. **** our government. and **** asshole people like corporations that fund assholes like Romney. this political system is so ****** up and no one can do anything about it cuz NOTHING ******* CHANGES IN THIS COUNTRY. **** this country.... its so ****** up an wrong...

America is the autistic child of the world. we think everyone loves us but everyone just want us to get the **** out of their hair and go home.
america... you dun ****** up
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