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What's Opera Doc

1957 Bugs Bunny take on operatic music---funny, a golden classic<br />
if you enjoy, please let me know somehow

Tags: kill | DEH | wabbit
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Submitted: 10/28/2009
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#8 - anonymous (07/06/2012) [-]
This is truly a classic. The best cartoon ever made.
#7 - jrook (06/16/2012) [-]
You ought to look up the wikipedia page on this cartoon. Apparently its the best animated short of all time
#5 - anonymous (05/25/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Thanks for this. I first saw the cartoon at a News Cinema in London about 50 years ago. Oddly enough it inspired me to take an interest in Wagner's music. The whole thing is inspired but that closing line is a classic.
User avatar #4 - swbite (05/20/2010) [-]
bugs looks hot in drag
#2 - anonymous (10/29/2009) [+] (1 reply)
*applause* i miss old cartoons :( the new ones are boring and laame like spongebob... the old ones were much more entertaining and oh by the way, he wasnt ******* homo and it was better that way! **** ! i swear to God, thats why we have more ******* homos in this world! cuz of the cartoons i tell u! u can hate all u want but spongebob was way better back in the day. and i miss tom and jerry too.....
#1 - anonymous (10/28/2009) [-]
.< lol
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