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User avatar #2 - karvarausku
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(12/01/2011) [-]
The video doesn't show the correct glory for these games, but still thumb for the effort.
#1 - tkuja
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(12/01/2011) [-]
**tkuja rolled a random image posted in comment #118 at Are you serious? ** Excellent
User avatar #6 - bonjangles
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(12/08/2011) [-]
Ah.. I remember when I was 5 years old... I got Morrowind when it was first released. I loved stealing the golden armor from the guards in a desert city... good time indeed. I played it on my awesome (at the time) dell inspiron.. that game was the ****.
#5 - shemwe
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(12/08/2011) [-]
dunno how this didnt get more thumbs, if i where you id repost it again, iv seen loads of vid not get the creadit they deserve on there first upload, its wierd, one of mine got 14 thumbs, few weeks later someone got front page with it, so if u put that effort in, try again was good vid imo
#3 - anon id: b27cfdd3
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(12/04/2011) [-]
I've played every one of these games and I'm only 14....
#4 to #3 - anon id: fce88c96
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(12/07/2011) [-]