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User avatar #18 - Starvin Marvin (08/04/2009) [-]
**** Queen Jerkin and his fag ass hero may they both burn in hell :D
#8 - sadieatthebeach (07/17/2009) [-]
i love M.J. ppl are going to make jokes, i'd love to see his video he was working on for the concert. CHILLAX. HEHe
#17 - anonymous (08/03/2009) [-]
Michael was an angel on earth in fact this superstar was a saint (SAINT Michael) and should not be taken advantaged of in this sick and perverted manner
#16 - anonymous (08/03/2009) [-]
KIng jerkin ur a black moron go and suck ur dads black balls captcha laugh
#15 - anonymous (08/03/2009) [-]
King Jerkin, you are in major denial. Michael Jackson was a very sick human being. He lived in a total fantasy world. He was a long term, serial pedophile. You also seem to have a major racial chip on your shoulder. I'm white, but saying this does not make me a racist. It makes me a realist,whether he is dead or not. By the way, yelling and name-calling do not make your case any more legitimate. Quite the oposite.
#13 - anonymous (07/27/2009) [-]
it really doesn't matter if he is dead or not. It is still funny to watch. He was mentally challenged, and should have been instatutionalized.
#9 - anonymous (07/18/2009) [-]
NOT funny at all you son of a bi@#!!!!!!!!!
#5 - anonymous (07/17/2009) [-]
Hahahahahahahaahaha thats what he gets he's a perv!!!
#2 - anonymous (07/08/2009) [+] (7 replies)
this video is like 7 years old dude.....looooong before he died
#1 - anonymous (07/07/2009) [-]
MJ was an AMAZING father.. this is messed.. hes ******* DEAD now! take this **** off!
User avatar #3 - KING JERKIN (07/15/2009) [-]
THATS ****** UP HE ****** DIED LIL ******* TAKE THIS **** OFF IT'S NOT ****** FUNNY YOU GUYZ R ****** LOW LIFE BITCHIS!!!!!
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