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#7 - musclemarinade (06/29/2011) [-]
Bitch wastin my melon
#8 - Protomix (06/29/2011) [-]
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#6 - wigwomwill (06/29/2011) [-]
LOL, the funny thing is... after it hit her, the instructor lady made her finish the course
#5 - anonymous (06/28/2011) [-]
LOL but i would think getting hit in the head with a solid watermelon that fast would kill you or knock you out but thumbs just because its funny :D
#4 - anonymous (06/27/2011) [-]
honostly the first thing i would have asked her is "well, what it taste like"
#3 - anonymous (06/27/2011) [-]
User avatar #1 - TomEGun (06/26/2011) [+] (1 reply)
dude this **** is such a repost I've been called on it in comments
#2 to #1 - anonymous (06/26/2011) [-]
who cares if its a repost, if its a repost thumb it down.. it's what the voting system is for ffs...

why does it have to be an anon to point this **** out..
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