male stereotype. . Dear God, please send me a man that is beautiful, caring, ii romantic, loving, smart, understanding, a man I passionate, who would never chea
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male stereotype

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Submitted: 02/22/2014
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User avatar #7 - wardogmac (02/23/2014) [-]
So true, so true. Hehe
#6 - anonymous (02/23/2014) [-]
thank you GOD, now I can cheat on him drag him down, and ruin his life
User avatar #3 - soggypancakes (02/22/2014) [-]
This is why you're single.
#2 - purplebelle (02/22/2014) [+] (1 reply)
**purplebelle rolled a random image posted in comment #7592391 at Safe For Work Random Board ** What the female wants sounds boring.

And I am a female.
User avatar #1 - nudnik (02/22/2014) [-]
If this hits front page, that'll teach me for not logging in... If red thumbs galore, bullet dodged.
#4 - dracomancer (02/22/2014) [-]
The man's praying to the great and powerful Based God   
 #tybg #thegreatest #swagtohundredmillion #sorare #						*******************
The man's praying to the great and powerful Based God
#tybg #thegreatest #swagtohundredmillion #sorare # *******************
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