made me lol (source in description). In 2: 111, a married couple in the city of W
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made me lol (source in description)

In 2: 111, a married couple in the city of Wuhan made the news for believing - for three
yea rs - that lying on one bed would result in pregnancy. Only after a visit
to the do tator did the peuple, both college graduates, re alike their failure to
was down to not having sex, Chinese media reported.
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Submitted: 10/07/2013
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User avatar #3 - Onemanretardpack (10/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
That's actually a pretty sneaky way to help with the overpopulation in China
User avatar #2 - nintendolover ONLINE (10/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I guess sex education isn't a popular subject in China.
#1 - sidathon (10/07/2013) [-]
*******		 hell...
******* hell...
#8 - tiredofannon (10/08/2013) [-]
Maybe that's why my Chinese ex-girlfriend never put out...
#15 - endsdawn (10/08/2013) [-]
Reminded me of when I was a little kid. My mom made the mistake of telling me that people got pregnant by hugging.

I was terrified to hug anyone for years...
User avatar #14 - thewonderfulspy (10/08/2013) [-]
How is it not possible to know about sex by then? I mean I know it's china but still
#13 - iwanttousenumbers (10/08/2013) [-]
pic related, its a statue in China
#12 - vladstronsy (10/08/2013) [-]
For one of the most populated countries in the world, there's actually quiet a taboo against sex in China right now. (Pic unrelated)
User avatar #10 - vatra (10/08/2013) [-]
What the hell? I'm suddenly questioning why I knew what to do in kindergarten.
User avatar #7 - philliyoMLB (10/08/2013) [-]
I bet when they finally did it they were like "oh this is a lot better, I like this way more."
#5 - Absolute Madman (10/08/2013) [-]
To be fair, without the internet or sex ed, I'd have no idea what sex was. This is actually how I thought it worked until I was a teenager.
#4 - haqq (10/07/2013) [-]
******		 idiots
****** idiots
#9 - Bellezwovf (10/08/2013) [-]
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