jimmy russell. . Sen. meurthe games yeu are buying are viruses! You need to remove them" But Idem! My Sister has Napster and Limewire installed en the computer.

jimmy russell

Sen. meurthe games yeu are buying are viruses! You need to remove them"
But Idem! My Sister has Napster and Limewire installed en the computer. and she constantly downloads viruses disguised as music! I bought these games hem Best Buy. they are not infected with anything!"
No anen. Music cannot have viruses. only games can."
She teeknee computer's Best Buy, and the employees told hertha same thing fixed it. She ignored them and just banned me hem using the family years, because my Mom always needs SC) ) rle)
to blame except fer my sister.
I eventually saved up enough momento buy a condition Thinkpad, that had a broken Windows installation. I just installed Debian (Linux distro) and called it a day.
Keister continues to use Limewire to download viruses. since she cannot tell the difference between a ckb exe and a bmb mpa
Wihile I am at school (she is supposedly sick). she takes my laptop and tries to use it fer heilarious inline activities. and quickly dissevers it is impossible to install Windows programs natively en it.
talks to my Mom and tells forthat I broke my computer. and that I was embarrassed to fix it
gs to Best Buy and have a feller install Windows en it. along with everyjuan program en this side ofthe galaxy
wiped all sf school assignments and notes in the precess- even the sites I was working en. AND EVEN THE ******* FAVE PARTITION THAT WAS NAMED "BACKUP - DC) NOT WIPE"
Blythe time I arrive heme my sister has managed to **** it up with mere viruses than a where
Mom tells me that the laptop is new my sister' s property. since "I cannot be trusted with computers"
But Idem. I bought it with my ewn maney hem the jobs I did last Summer. Whether I can use it "well" is irrelevant"
tells me that if it wasn' t fer her status as a Cecal pharmacist I weild have never had the jobs. SC) it was her maney anyway
only havethe people I worked fer knew her name
And that . is hew I became known as the computer illiterate sf my family
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Submitted: 05/26/2014
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#3 - railyeightseven (05/27/2014) [-]
lol bad move, password protect your **** and hide it. Once you get banned from the pc make a .bat that keeps restarting the computer and sneak it in there every time you have the chance, now they basically can't use the pc and can't blame you either. Move out have a nice life
User avatar #1 - shallowandpedantic (05/26/2014) [-]
I got a headache reading this because of the intense stupidity of the people in the story. I hope this isn't true. I really hope it's not. Dealing with such reckless faggotry would have destroyed a lesser man.
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